The Composite ID is a unique hardware key which is required for license generation and identifies you as a licensed user to Siemens.

For this reason, your Composite ID will be linked to your Sold To (Siemens customer number).

This ID must be generated from the future license server. In order to do this, please run the GetCID.exe tool (which can be downloaded from the following link: GetCID.exe) on the server on which you plan to host your licenses.


This tool generates a different Composite ID, in the form of a string of letters and numbers, for each of your active network cards. Normally the best Composite ID to use will be from the primary network card (for example: 60D6124182XX).

As soon as the Composite ID has been generated, we can use it to order your license file from Siemens. 

We thank you for your trust and confidence.

Your ePLM Team